Thursday, March 31, 2011

La Paree

I thought this unfortunatley closed eatery downtown was a charming addition among its neighbors. I imagine the inside was quite interesting as well. And Im sure the Steaks and Seafood were the best around. ;)


P.S. Did I over do the tags??? Haha. =D Also, spellcheck seems to be acting up. Be sure and critique any mistakes!


  1. Rip,
    Well you asked so I'll offer one suggestion. Maybe crop the photo so the shops and stuff aren't cluttering the photo. I loved this place and if memory serves, which it doesn't all that much anymore, there wasn't one thing "Paree" on the menu! HA I posted this great old sign on my blog not too long ago!
    Mrs. J
    PS Like the new header!

  2. And your tags are just fine!

    Now I think crop the left shop out and leave the dark on the right. Next time, DO NOT ask for suggestions. You see what that opened up n'est-ce pas?? Now I've elevated myself from your "old third grade teacher" to your hyper-vigilant blog advisor. Well there ya go!
    Mrs. J.


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