Wednesday, March 9, 2011


This year, I tried out for the HMS (Homewood Middle School) Tennis Team, and made it. Monday, we had a match over at Simmons Middle in Hoover. The system for tennis matches is pretty weird, so I wasnt competing in this one, but taking photos for the school news paper. I seem to be the only one in HMS that can operate a camera...

Anyhow, as I was getting ready to go through the gate into the courts with camera in hand, I stopped to tie my shoe, and set my camera down, turned on, right in front of me, and the fence. (That sentence had way too many commas...) When I had tied my shoe, I got curious as to what would come out if I just pressed the shutter button without looking.... and voila! Look closely and notice two of my team-mates playing doubles through the fence. Mariel, on the right, is serving.

I guess the point here is, this isnt the Mona Lisa of photography, but I think the story to it adds a few points.


P.S. - They did win the match, by the way.
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  1. You are the luckiest lensman I know. You could probably shoot behind your back with your eyes closed. Ha, ha. How accidentally creative. Did I say that right? Good luck with your tennis. That's a great sport you will always be able to play and stay in shape.

  2. Oh my, you shouldn't have blown your cover on this shot RIp. Just tell us you are looking at the world from a new and more "youthful" perspective! Beautifully composed as well. And for the record, I overlooked the commas. I"m not into DOL so much anymore! :)
    Mrs. J

  3. Well thank you.... I think I didn't really Iike to photo enough to post it just as itself, so I decided the story behind it would make it blog-worthy.


  4. Very nice shot. Do you have a wide angle lens? If so, try doing it again with that stopped down to f16 or maybe even f22.


  5. Very fun and creative shot Rip!!!


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