Sunday, March 25, 2012


Hello! It's been a while since I posted here. As I always say. Maybe I should just establish that posts will be unplanned and irregular so I dont feel the need to start every post with that. Anyways.

My Spring Break was this past week. Let me tell you, it was much needed. I felt like I was going to explode with schoolwork and projects and math and homework and blah blah blah. So needless to say, I enjoyed it and am sad that it's over. But we didnt have anything planned to do for the week, and my sister was going off to the beach with her friends, so my parents suggested that we take a short 3 day trip to New Orleans.

I had been to New Orelans a few times before. We used to have friends that lived there, until after Katrina, which sort of sealed the deal on the idea they had been entertaining for a little while--move to the south of France. They're French though, and have family there. So it made sense. Anyhow, it'd been a while since I had been, and I was a little young to really have appreciated it anyways. Also, my dad lived there for a period in his twenties, and has spent a fair amount of time there since, so he knows the city well.

The trip was a lot of fun! I like New Orleans a lot. I especially like the food..... but thats another post entirely. Literally. It's a little dirty for my taste and kind of just crazy in general. But its certainly a fun place to visit.

This is a po-boy from one of my dad's favorite places in the city--Johnny's Poboy's. We went there for lunch one day, and it was super crowded. I'm not sure if I had mentioned it before, but I went vegetarian for the year of 2012, so there wasnt a whole lot of options for me there. I do eat fish, however, so I tried the crabcake poboy, and was really dissapointed. I usually like crab, but I really didnt enjoy it on the sandwich. Anyways, my dad enjoyed his and my mom enjoyed her Shrimp poboy, which I tried, and ironically liked because shrimp is something that I usually dont care much for. This picture is of the crab cake poboy.

This picture is just a shot I liked, and one that I thought exhibited the architecture and interesting building that make up the Quarter.

This is the classic icon of NOLA, the streetcar.

I love this next picture. It is the gorgeous, old live oak trees, along the wall of an old New Orelans cemetery. I love the whimsy of their grand, majestic branches. You can only imagine the history behind those trees.
These are only a few of the many photos I took. More to come......hopefully soon!


Sunday, January 22, 2012


Wow! Its here! 2012! For some reason, this new year feels more special than the others. I cant give a reason why, it just does. But in a good way. A good, new start refreshing sort of way.

So over new years we took our trip to Grayton Beach, FL. I love going to the beach at New Years. It is so different from the summer. So low-key, relaxed, and beautiful weather. 50-60 every day. Perfect!! On this outing from which I provide all of my photographs, my Uncle Larry and Aunt Suzanne took the whole bunch of kids Geocaching. If you arent familiar with it (not that most are), it is a really fun thing where you find some coordinates online, put them in your GPS, and search for a small cache somewhere out in the woods, or something. It is usually a small box or container. Its really pretty fun, especially when youre with fun people. We found one, and attempted another, but to no avail.

So picture number one is of the old, rustic looking road sign that was at the beginning of the dirt/sand road that wound through these beautiful coastal woods. I like that picture a lot, I just wish the sign was brighter.

Picture number two is of the getting-ready-to-set sun striking the pleasing uniform pine trees. This is where I got the title for this post.... these pine trees. I LOVE them. I dont know why, but I guess they strike a chord with my Type-A personality, and I took an insane amount of pictures, trying to capture the beauty of them. Its one of those things that just needs to be seen, but I feel like this picture does it pretty good justice.

Number three also captures the wonderfulness of the pine trees. Now, dont get all in a wad because Manny is shooting a gun.
A) Its a bebe gun, so nothing too serious.
B) We were in the middle of the woods.
Also, I actually just had him pose this way so I could get the shot, rather than taking it while he was shooting. I promise, we arent trashy people who carry guns everywhere, but for some reason we had a bebe gun and we were collecting litter and using it as targets. (fun/enviro-friendly/productive bebe gun shooting!)

Now, this last picture is one of our group. It was taken by balancing my camera on the door of the car and setting a timer. I find few situations to be more stressful and momentarily chaotic as the 10 seconds between setting the camera timer and taking the picture.

From left to right: My Uncle Larry Livingston (he and his family live down there, friend Manny (his family was at the beach with us too) , My sister Caroline, Carolines friend Ali, cousin Emily, Aunt Suzanne, Cousin Lucy, Lucy's friend, and me.

And I promise, I dont look so odd in person. I dont think, at least.

Well its 11pm on a school night, so I guess I should go to bed.


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