Tuesday, December 27, 2011

The Holidays, The New Year, and The One Year Anniversary!

Well, I must apologize. I have rather neglected this photo blog over the holidays. I have less and less time to take pictures and upload them. But now, as I find time to do so over Christmas break, I must catch up!

So today marks the official 1-year-Anniversary of Lens Of an Amateur! Woohoo! Not that it means much, but still, why not celebrate? We have finally taken a deep breath after the "GO GO GO!" of Thanksgiving--Christmas. First its Thanksgiving, then school and exams, then Christmas, which really keeps all of us busy.

So I grabbed my camera on a few occasions this holiday break. I took this on Christmas Eve. I have found that I am rather obsessed with reflections in photography. Pay attention to the reflection in the ball. I had been trying to take one while on my knees up close to the tree, but finally I tried a different approach, and sat on the couch and zoomed a little bit. So you can see our den, and me sitting on the couch, trying to take a good picture! (Which turned out good!)

So, now, the Christmas rush is through (song reference unintentional.....) and I can sit back and post to my much neglected blog! Well, at least for now. Then I have to get up and get my clothes out of the dryer so I can pack for the beach..... and we're leaving tomorrow.... and its 1:30 am. But hey, what are car rides for? sleeping. and knitting. but sleeping too.

I should get some good shots at the beach! With any luck I can upload them and post while I'm down there. If you remember, some of my first posts last year were from Grayton beach on our (is it annual now?) new years trip.

Anyhow. I hope everyone had a Merry Christmas! Hopefully 2012 will be a good year for all.... and LOAA!


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