Sunday, April 17, 2011

Green Doors

These charming green doors are the perfect addition to this church in Brewton, AL. This is a different one than the previous one I posted (with the ivy). I forget the denomenation...


Thursday, April 14, 2011

Brooklyn Bridge

Something about New York's Broolyn Bridge seduces my photographic eye. My family was dragging me across as we walked west towards manhattan post lunch at a pizza place tucked under the eastern bank. I guess its just my personality, but it does bug me that I cant scoot it to the left a bit and make it symmetrical!! (Thats what you get with impatient family members.....) I was recently introduced to the rule of thirds... something I was slightly ashamed that I wasnt aware of before. (Many thanks to Chieftess!) I think this shot is pretty good considering the guidelines... But I might just be willing my eyes to complement myself. How did I do?

Still working on that theme day......


Join thousand of Americans on April 25, 2011, in silently speaking for the invisible children, forced to fight under Joseph Kony, leader of the rebel army. We will commit to silence for 25 hours, symbolizing the 25 grueling years of Africa's longest running war.

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Friday, April 8, 2011


Our backyard is full of this vine! Talk about invasive... I guess this could be, "the vine that ate the south", except, "but flowered and made things all better." Hey, at least its not kudzu. I debated over whether or not the 2nd one was too busy, or had an interesting background. I still cant decide, but I suppose that I cant be self conscious about every photo I take.

Well, I have just gotten plain jealous, viewing other blogs and their theme days; and I don't have one! Therefore, I am going to brainstorm, and think of a theme for a certain day... for two reasons.
1) I think its something to look forward too.
2) It will give me more motivation to pick up my camera and go shoot.

Has anyone noticed I like lists? Also, have you noticed how many posts I end with "Hmmm..."? I find myself writing about all of these various subjects in my posts, and then by the end, I begin to ponder them. I think my brain and typing fingers have some sort of abnormal communication that I cant seem to control, with the exception of the "backspace" button.


Sunday, April 3, 2011

You Are Beautiful

The "You Are Beautiful" graffiti slogan is popping up everywhere around Birmingham! I think it's wonderful, and should be an exception to whatever laws go against it. Now, I know this shot isnt very good in picture quality, but it was taken out of a moving vehicle, through the back window. We were headed downtown for something when I noticed it, so when we were heading back to Homewood, I decided I was going to photograph it! But then, I came to the disappointing conclusion that there wasnt any feasible way of doing it without turning around and heading to St. Vincent's hospital in the background. So, I opted for a somewhat risky method, (but safe, considering) of postioning myself in the trunk (SUV) and trying to stabilize my arms enough to take a photo. Sigh...... the things I will do to get a photograph.


Saturday, April 2, 2011

Episcopal in Ivy

The old Episcopal Church in Brewton is one of the prettiest around, and covered in that gorgeous ivy.


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