Sunday, October 23, 2011

Autumn has Arrived!

Finally!! Fall has arrived. For a period of a few days, I would look out the window to see if the tops of the trees were turning yet. I was impatient for the wonderful temperatures we are having now. This is my absolute most favorite time of the year. The weather, the leaves, the holidays.... I love it all.

So these photos were taken (as I find many of my blog photos are...) in my front yard. I wasnt sure what I set out to get, but all I knew was I wanted the leaves! I love the brilliance of the sunlit color of the first one. The second one, I debated over posting, because I love the sunlight, the leaf, and the lovely fall colors in the background, but I am disappointed in the appearance of the leaf.... it had such wonderful color, I regret that I wasnt shown more.

I havent posted here in WAY too long!! I miss my blog. I hope I still have people that check in every once in a while for something new. Well surprise! Here you are!

I have been so busy with school lately.... lots of homework, studying, reading, and writing. We've had two long weekends in a row these past two weeks, so now we have to make the stretch before Thanksgiving break! I think I can make it.

Tomorrow we are taking this test thing at school.... it supposedly tests what we know as 8th graders, and based on that, predicts our ACT score. I am sort of freaking out, because I feel like the ACT defines the rest of my life. What college I get into, which will determine what jobs I get, which will determine my salary, among other things. I suppose I'm over thinking. Like I over think everything else. But whatever. That was yet another one of my pointless rants.

Well, I must go. I am volunteering at Boo at the Zoo. I would love to take pictures, but I think I'll be too busy for that.

Oh, also, I am kind of looking at DSLRs. I mean not super seriously, but it's just I think I'm ready for an upgrade. I currently have a high-end point and shoot. Its really a superb camera--it takes all the shots I post here! But, it does have limitations that I am starting to realize as I become more experienced. And, my mom has two really nice lenses that I would be able to use. So any suggestions for lower-end DSLR cameras? (Nikon, since my moms lenses are Nikon.) I have looked at the D3000 and the D3100. I dont know... its so confusing.


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