Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Perfectly Framed Art

I took this photo while riding a NY subway, the Purple 7 line, from Queens to Manhattan. Just as you descend under the East River, this rooftop and surrounding buildings is visible out the window. I like how the train door window frames it, too.

The frame also sort of reinforces what I like about grafiti. In my opinion, although grafitti is illegal, and is some cases, very destructive, I think it is a real form of art. These people pour their emotion into the art they display on these buildings. And I imagine many of the citizens who are doing this have quite interesting stories, too. Just like the "You Are Beautiful" graffiti in Birmingham... not all graffiti is bad. Illegal or not.

I just returned from our annual Gulf Shores, AL beach trip. Believe it or not, my camera never left its case the whole time. Sometimes, I just dont have that push to get up and shoot. I should have many good shots from our next trip to Grayton Beach, FL as I did last time. (See January posts.) Tomorrow I am leaving to go on my church's Alabama Rural Missions (ARM) trip. We are traveling to Livingston, AL (no, not my last name, the town...) and will be assisting needy residents in construction/renovation/home repairs.

I apologize if my blog bores you all. Its kind of just a mush of photography/travel/my-thoughts-on-everything/my life that no one cares about. Ha ha- I am going to try and steer back in the direction of photography and not just blogging.

So thank you to all of you who have put up with my long, drawn-out rants about the various issues of the world. Have a wonderful week. :-)


Monday, June 13, 2011

The Lady at Her Finest

I have returned home from the trip to NYC I took with my church's (Trinity United Methodist) youth choir. We did all sorts of cool stuff--sang at missions, local churches, and toured the city. The first few days were wonderful. 75 degree weather, sun--it was awesome. Then it joined the ranks of Alabama, hitting 90+ degree temps.

I have to be honest, I was really worried about how it would work out with 90 teenagers. But luckily, no one got lost/hurt/..... anything else.  I took this while walking the perimeter of the Statue of Liberty, with the summer sun in the background.

The common disease of summer boredom is encroaching upon me...in May we're all like "Yea! We can sit at home and do nothing all day!" And now we are sitting on the couch passing time by drawing faces on our lesser-liked teachers in the yearbook. I try to avoid that by filling my summer with activities and things... church youth functions, mission trips, beach trips, that sort of thing. We are heading to Gulf Shores, AL this weekend for our annual "Mom's-side-of-the-family-beach-trip". My grandfather rents a big house and we all stay for a week.

Well, I hope all of your summers are going well. You know it literally just dawned on me that adults with most jobs have to work over the summer. Alas, it is something to do.


Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Don't Forget

I feel like sometimes, after a disaster such as the one that struck Alabama in April, people feel sorry and send their best wishes... and then move on. I'm not saying we have to stop dead in our tracks, but I do think that we should continue to pay mind to the on going recontruction. Especially after our attention is being thrown to tornadoes all over the country!

This is a piece of insulation (yes, you heard me) from someone, somewhere's home, that got blown into our front yard after the storm. This is just one of 10-15 bits we've found, ranging in size from 1 to 4 inches in diameter.

Well, I am in NY right now, and wrote this last Friday. So, if my attempt at scheduled post doesnt work, please forgive me.

Friday, June 3, 2011

It's so hot...

that even ever-so-valiant Reese Cup gave up. Last time we met up with RC on LOAA, (a friend just introduced me to that acronym for Lens of an Amateur!) she was freezing her poor little (yet absent...) tail off and was making an active attempt to get in the house. Now, I think she threw in the towel.

It probably looks and sounds like that we dont care for our cats and that they're always outside. But be assured, RC has plenty of time inside... after she has done her business. Some day I will try and get our other feline--clover. Anyhow, yesterday, she had good reason to quit. We were on the downhill slide to 100 degrees!! If there was one thing that drove me straight out of Alabama, it would be the summers.

Well, this is my last blog post until I head off the New York with my church group. I am going to prepare one post for sometime next week, so we'll see how I do with pre-posting.

My dad and I have been playing tennis most mornings lately, around 9-10, and we can hardly stay out there 45 minutes before we are worn out from simply the heat! It's especially hot for just the beginning of June. If June is this way, kill me before July.

Soap making went well the other day. Rather than melting some glycerin bars, coloring and re molding them, I actually made it from scratch. All it involves is Lye, Distilled Water, and Olive Oil. Click here to see the recipe. We didnt want 20lbs of soap, so despite the instructions, I scaled it down quite a bit, just to make a few pounds. Email me if you would like my smaller version, as it turned out fine, contrary to what the site says. Currently, the cut-up soap bars are sitting on some wax paper curing for two weeks.

Wish me luck traveling to NY with a group of 50 people.

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