Thursday, March 3, 2011

On The Map

This is just one of those random shots that I took on a whim. I sort of like it though. hmm....



  1. Rip, you have a disease that all people who get into photography. It's called "You See Everything Differently Through A Lens". You will start to discover things you never would have noticed if you had not looked through your camera lens.

    Your former teacher, Mrs. Jones, and I were talking about you the other night and she laughed and bragged about you and your talent. Maybe the 3 of us can go on a shoot somewhere in Birmingham soon.

  2. Thank you. I have already experienced the symptoms of this disease!

    Mrs. Jones deserves credit for my interest in photographing. Shes really helped me along the way as well!

  3. WEll here I am to brag. That is a great shot and love the depth of field! You have a good eye. Keep it up. The only way to get better and better is to take a zillion photos!
    Mrs. J


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