Friday, March 11, 2011

This One's For You...

Well, Mrs. Jones, this one is definitely for you. A few years ago, when I was a student in Mrs. J's 3rd grade class, we both went to Paris!! She went over spring break I believe... while I skipped out on the last 2 weeks of school and went with my family. (How convenient) This is one of my favs from the trip, although I took several shots I really like. This is when I really got a knack for photography.

Now, I don't just trot on across the Atlantic every few months like SOME PEOPLE do... but I did enjoy this trip we took. This was taken from inside I.M. Pei's Pyramid looking at the Musee du Louvre (I couldn't figure out how to do the accent mark...) as we were climbing that awesome staircase that I still marvel at each time I see it. As you can see, it was quite a dreary day in Paree...


Oh yes, and please give me feedback on my change of blog template. Good? Bad? I'm sort of having fun just playing around with it.
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  1. Well we both got the photography bug on our first trip to Paris, RIp! Great shot. BTW, I have a cool one of that staircase I'll have to share with you.

    I like the new color, it doesn't compete with your photographs.
    Bon weekend,
    Mrs. J

  2. Hi! A little bird told me you had a blog. Hope you don't mind me joining Mrs. J in viewing! I can't give you very good photo advice but I do love the writing! Reminds me of a very entertaining book chapter you wrote in 5th grade. Hope all is well!




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