Sunday, March 6, 2011

Meow Meow.....

This morning, I ventured outside in the nippy weather (its been so erratic lately...) and set out to photograph some of the extremely confused Daffodils in our front yard. It seems like they thought it was spring for a while so they rose up and bloomed... and now they're freezing the poor little petals off. Anyhow, one of our cats, Reesie Cup (don't laugh, I was 4.) has a bit of an issue using the bathroom in the proper places around our house...(a different story entirely...) therefore she spends quite a bit of time outside. She also paws at the front door a lot, so I snapped this interesting shot right before I headed in.


  1. Riip, you are a trip and so is Reece Cup. You are a great writer...write more and more often.

  2. Let me grab a cup of coffee and put my specs on. Rip, would you find my specs for me???? :) And for the record, I think ERRATIC should go on our word wall!

    Great shot. I've still not figured out how you did it!

  3. I Love, Love, LOVE this shot Rip!!! You are definitely developing a fine talent in photography...and writing as well!!!

  4. Thanks everyone! I really appreciate your positive feedback.

    Mrs. J- OH how I remember you and your darn specs! It was always a mad dash to try and locate them, in hopes in getting to put our name in the can. I swear for a while I thought that thing was a conspiracy...

    Mr. Dixon- Thanks! I do get that a lot...
    I'm afraid my mother and our housekeeper,Siri, wouldnt say the same about little Reesie, on account of her partial lack of domestication though.

    Chieftess- I'm so glad that my photography deserves that sort of praise! Your comment lifted my spirits a tad. I have seen you comment on Mrs. J's blogs for quite a while, and I have always wanted to tell you how much I love your Username! Although I do not know you well, I imagine it fits you very well.


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