Monday, March 21, 2011

Sticking Together

Ok.... well... two things today.

What I wish I was telling you:
I took this shot of two precious twins in Madrid, Spain in February!

What I have to tell you:
This isnt my work! My mom, a casual photographer, took this one just outside a park when she and my father went to Madrid last February. I debated over whether to post it, but I figured if your heart melted as mine did, you wouldnt care who in the heck took it. So, to avoid confusion, I did not take this photograph. I am just presenting this to you, as I couldnt help but let someone else experience my love for this photograph.


P.S. I sort of didnt keep my promise about the Brewton mini-series, did I... hmph. I conclude the following:
1) I should have taken my own advice. (see NYC posts.)
2) I should really stop this online-promising thing.
3) I will pick back up on Wednesday, when it seems that I will have time to breathe between homework and activities.
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  1. I"ve known for a long time that you mom was a great photographer. Good for you to share your blog with her. We all have to do that from time to time RIp. Share the love!!!


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