Friday, May 13, 2011

A Trip to Ed's...

Ah, Ed's Pet World. I think anyone who lives in the B'ham metro area, Homewood especially, immediately knows what I'm talking about, and why I'm talking about it! You know those photos, that really need only a few words of explanation? Well, this is one of them. I think the elements of the shot pretty much sum up what Ed's is all about.

You've got this 100 year old turtle wondering around the place, (literally...and, with a phone number written on it, mind you)The skulls hanging up top, the golden retriever wandering around looking for a pat on the back, and the a-bit-too-natural fish tanks lining the walls. I hadnt been in Ed's for some years until yesterday. I have recently started a small aquarium, and was looking for a few new male molly fish to join the 3 females I had had for 2 weeks, in hopes of producing molly fry! (I'll keep you posted on that one.)  Anyhow, you could walk around that place for forever! There are so many nooks, crannies, and different sections that you keep discovering new areas of the store and new animals.

Ed's gets a lot of criticism, claiming that it is unsanitary, not responsible, and shouldnt be allowed to keep animals. But in reality, I believe that it is just as, if not more, capable of keeping healthy animals than some of these big chain pet shops. The employees are all very knowledgeable on all the animals, and are eager to help out. So, I will definitely be returning to Ed's for any future fish purchases.


P.S.-- As you can see, I have solved my rotation problem!

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