Wednesday, May 11, 2011

{Title Here}

Well, today you're going to just have to rotate your necks. I simply cannot figure out how to rotate this thing!! Am I the only one who has the problem??!!! sigh.....

Can anyone guess what this is of? If you have read some previous posts, you know. If not, attempt to guess....

11 days.... until what, do you ask? Well, one that I was specifically thinking of, and another than my friends mother informed us of in carpool from bible study tonight.
1) Summer! (in relation to school.)
2) The end of the Oprah show. (I thought it ended in like November, but....)

I think I have come down with some sort of photographers disease. I mean, I cant say you all didnt warn me. Every building. Every plant. Every sunset scene.

"How can I make that interesting? How can I take a creative shot of that statue? What angle would make this a 'good shot'? Just because it looks cool, is it really a nice peice of photographic art?"

Every. thing. i. see.

 Maybe cameras should start coming with coupons for therapy.

My, I sure am scatter-brained this evening.....
I couldnt even think up a title.



  1. Welcome to the frustrating and wonderful world of photography Rip!!! Good luck on the photo rotation...probably needs to be tackled prior to posting...what processing program are you using?

    Perhaps one day there'll be Photographers Anonymous group for us all!!! In the meantime...keep on clicking!!!

  2. your new banner photo!


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