Sunday, May 8, 2011

Seasons: Waiting

Well, I have decided upon my theme day: Seasons. I have been thinking about doing a theme day for quite some time, and have come to the decision of what it was going to be- so, on Sundays, the post will be themed after the changing of the seasons, etc.. One of my favorite things to photograph is the changing of the seasons; wildlife (theres not too much of that here, but...), plants, climate- it all fascinates me. And, its one of my favorite things about Alabama. We have 4 very distinct seasons.

This photo captures what I think is so cool about plants... this rose, somehow knows when its spring, and grows this bud just in time for it to reveal its beautiful colors in April. Just one of those curious things of nature that has always been, and always will be.

Oh, and before I forget, a quick question for my fellow photo bloggers- I have noticed most of your posts have the time "12:01 am" of when they were posted... is this just because you set it to automatically post on a certain day and write it ahead of time? Just a petty thing that is bothering me.


P.S. Happy Mothers Day!


  1. What a ter rific post Rip. I love your theme idea. Maybe I'll join you some Sundays!

    I chose 12:01am and I always post option that time. Well most of the time. Some nights I put them in draft and forget to change it and my blog baby doesn't wake up on time! :)

  2. Wonderful photograph Rip! And I love your thought processes re: choosing seasons as a theme for yourself...

    As for the time...ditto to V...I generally put the post together in the early evening and then do post option...and I'm finally learning to plan ahead when I'm going to be gone and post ahead for even a week at a time. It's a great feature! I've also found that if I accidentally post tomorrows blog today, I can go in and post option the date so that it shows up as the date I wanted it posted...even though it's still posted the day before I wanted...(hope that made sense!)


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