Sunday, May 22, 2011

Seasons: Fruits of Summer

Well, last Sunday's Seasons didnt happen. Sorry about that..... I was viewing my blog, just, for the sake of viewing my blog, and realized that a Sunday had passed since the last Seasons post. Oh well.

Yesterday was my very first visit to Pepper Place downtown B'ham! I have had many opportunities to visit before..... I guess my bed was just too comfy. If you know me at all, you know I am not an early riser. But now, I see what I have been missing! All different sorts of people, with all their different sorts of stuff. I love strawberries, and these nice plump red ones, ripe just in time for summer, had nice perky leaves. I made an attempt to grow strawberries in my little garden last year-- I ended up with one about the size of a dime, and about 5 that some pesky creature had taken a nice bite out of. And they dont even eat the whole thing! Its like they take a little nibble of your strawberry--just enough to ruin it--and then move on to the next one. Anyhow, it miraculously survived the winter with all of its frost and cold (with ZERO care or water other than rain) and produced the same thing this spring. I suppose thats just something I'll leave to the farmers...

I have many other neat shots from Pepper Place I'll be sharing with you soon.

We have THREE! 3! III! TRES! TROIS! days of school left. Oh, I am so ready. I actually hate summer, as in, the season. But, the fact that school is let out makes it a little bit better. It seems like last week that I was shooting the melting frost.


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  1. Wonderful shot Rip!!! TheChief (my hubby) doesn't like summer as a season either...I don't quite get that!!! But then I'm a Southern California girl through and through!!! Now we live in the mountains and summer is even better!!! You're doing a great job! Keep it up!


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