Friday, May 27, 2011

Down the Line

I need to make some serious changes to this blog template. I recently began experimenting with the tab under the template thing that allows you to pick out your own colors.... and, as you can see, not all of them turn out well! I pulled up my blog just a few minutes ago, and realized the atrocity of color combinations that covered the page.

Summer has begun!! It is so nice to know (for the first few days, at least) that you have no where to be at 8 am, no homework to turn in the next day that you dont understand, and no clubs that are putting you on probation because you didnt get up at the crack of dawn that morning to attend their meeting. (I'm not kidding...) This weekend, we are having all kinds of people over, but for the most part, we arent doing anything major the first week.... then, after that, its go go go go! until we realize that its the end of July, and that we have to go to the school to get ready for the next year. I am leaving for NY on our annual Trinity UMC Youth Choir Tour on June 4, so I will try my hand at "pre-posting" as I am calling.

Sigh.... its always the last part of the post before I actually tell you about the photo I'm posting. This is another one from Pepper Place. These lines adorned with clothes pins and price displays are all around!

Walking along, we passed an empty booth....

Ah. That explains it!


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