Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Someone's Got The Right Idea.

Our dog Elvis, calls the screen porch in the back of our house his home. We have a ceiling fan out there, but lets be honest. In 100 degree heat? That doesnt cut it. So, we put a box fan out there for him to enjoy. As you can see, he plans on doing just that!

Today, I conclude that photographing a dog is virtually impossible. I made a valiant attempt, but good ole Elvis seemed to hide from the limelight. I dont see whats up. Resee Cup loves it. She will let you take pictures of her all day. Elvis? not so much.

Well school starts in a week exactly. I am sort of looking forward to it. The first week will be great; seeing friends, and actually being productive during the day-- but then it gets really old, really fast. How are all of your summers going?

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  1. Elvis is a good looking dog. Does he do the dog? He is cool looking even if he is hot. Good shoot looking down. It gives me a feeling of what he feels.


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