Monday, August 29, 2011

The Alabama: Like Never Before!

Hello friends! I havent spoken to you all for a while through my blog. I have been busy, busy, busy! With school, homework, and other things, its hard to find time to take pictures, much less post them, as I have said before.

A week or two ago, Ms. Virginia Jones gave me an exciting opportunity to come along as she and some photographer friends went to shoot the Alabama Theater, and the nearby Lyric. It was one of the coolest things I have ever done in Birmingham. I got to see the inner-workings of the Theater, not to mention being able to roam around without the crowds.

This is a mirror-reflection shot from the main staircase in the foyer of the Theater.

This one I got when Mr. Tom Cronier, our ever-so-passionate and kind tour guide, took me into the attic of the Theater. This is looking down through a light-hole in the dome at the grand organ. I really like this shot....

And, well, recently I have become rather obsessed with homemade cake baking, and this is one I made a few weeks ago. Two Layer devils food, filled with chocolate ganache and iced with chocolate buttercream! Yum!

I will try and get to posting more often. Gotta get out there with my camera!


P.S. Like my new template? Finally figured out how to download a 3rd party template--so many more options that way.


  1. Cake maker, you are a man of many talents. Mrs. Jones asked me to go with y'all to the theater, but I couldn't make it happen. Hope we get to meet soon.

  2. OH now Rip that top shot had me thinking and then kicking myself for not seeing it like you did. You are one fine photographer and I"m so glad you were able to come along. We'll do another shoot very soon.

    And now, would you pass me a piece of that cake????
    Mrs. J


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