Sunday, August 7, 2011

Summer Harvest

Well, school is almost back. On Wednesday, we go back for our first day! I am excited for the beginning. The first, 10 days, maybe; they'll be fun. Then I'll be tired of it and want winter break to be here. Speaking of winter, I am so SICK of summer!!! I detest heat. I hate it. There are no advantages to heat.

I was bored yesterday, so I went outside in the back yard with my camera like I often do. I set out to photograph my dog, like I said before, but gave up after several failed attempts. We have a garden out back with some herbs and flowers,and next to the garden in a pot with this tomato plant, and er.... whatever you might call the iron cone shaped thing that it grows on. I stuck my camera under the cone-shaped-thing and pressed the shutter button. I say, I must have some talent with blindly taking photographs, because I quite like this one, and have liked many more taken with the same (if you can call it this) technique. Maybe I'll change the title of my blog to The Blind Photographer. No, just kidding. That wouldnt go over well....

Well I hope your summer is going well. And I hope you are enjoying the heat even if I am not.


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  1. Dear Blind Photorgrapher,
    Shooting blind is a good thing to pratice. Sometimes that's the only way you can shoot. I shoot with the camera over my head to see over the crowd and sometime over my head and backwards to shoot the people behind me. Some times I shoot from the ground without looking through the lens...takes some pratice to get the right angle, but it really comes in handy to give a differnent perspective.

    Are you really blind?


  2. Dear Blind Former Student,
    When are your next photography classes? I need to sign up. Happy school year. Yeah School! Yeah Homework! Yeah One Zillion Book Reports and Projects!!!!
    Mrs. J.


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