Friday, April 8, 2011


Our backyard is full of this vine! Talk about invasive... I guess this could be, "the vine that ate the south", except, "but flowered and made things all better." Hey, at least its not kudzu. I debated over whether or not the 2nd one was too busy, or had an interesting background. I still cant decide, but I suppose that I cant be self conscious about every photo I take.

Well, I have just gotten plain jealous, viewing other blogs and their theme days; and I don't have one! Therefore, I am going to brainstorm, and think of a theme for a certain day... for two reasons.
1) I think its something to look forward too.
2) It will give me more motivation to pick up my camera and go shoot.

Has anyone noticed I like lists? Also, have you noticed how many posts I end with "Hmmm..."? I find myself writing about all of these various subjects in my posts, and then by the end, I begin to ponder them. I think my brain and typing fingers have some sort of abnormal communication that I cant seem to control, with the exception of the "backspace" button.



  1. Wonderful photos Rip!!! You are really developing a wonderful eye in your photography!!! And I like the second one...particularly because the depth of field blurs out the background...if it didn't, then it would be too busy!!!

  2. You could also play with cropping...perhaps less of the background...think in terms of thirds...right now, the Wisteria takes up about half of the photo...(have you heard of the rule of thirds in photography composition?)
    You're doing a wonderful job Rip!!!

    Thanks for stopping by at MammothLakesDP!!! Keep up the good work!!!


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