Sunday, April 3, 2011

You Are Beautiful

The "You Are Beautiful" graffiti slogan is popping up everywhere around Birmingham! I think it's wonderful, and should be an exception to whatever laws go against it. Now, I know this shot isnt very good in picture quality, but it was taken out of a moving vehicle, through the back window. We were headed downtown for something when I noticed it, so when we were heading back to Homewood, I decided I was going to photograph it! But then, I came to the disappointing conclusion that there wasnt any feasible way of doing it without turning around and heading to St. Vincent's hospital in the background. So, I opted for a somewhat risky method, (but safe, considering) of postioning myself in the trunk (SUV) and trying to stabilize my arms enough to take a photo. Sigh...... the things I will do to get a photograph.


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