Thursday, April 14, 2011

Brooklyn Bridge

Something about New York's Broolyn Bridge seduces my photographic eye. My family was dragging me across as we walked west towards manhattan post lunch at a pizza place tucked under the eastern bank. I guess its just my personality, but it does bug me that I cant scoot it to the left a bit and make it symmetrical!! (Thats what you get with impatient family members.....) I was recently introduced to the rule of thirds... something I was slightly ashamed that I wasnt aware of before. (Many thanks to Chieftess!) I think this shot is pretty good considering the guidelines... But I might just be willing my eyes to complement myself. How did I do?

Still working on that theme day......


Join thousand of Americans on April 25, 2011, in silently speaking for the invisible children, forced to fight under Joseph Kony, leader of the rebel army. We will commit to silence for 25 hours, symbolizing the 25 grueling years of Africa's longest running war.

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  1. I like this Rip!!! the geometric shapes and lines all work together!!! And I like the slightly off centered-ness!!! Probably because I'm a bit off centered!!! Good job!!!


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