Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Perfectly Framed Art

I took this photo while riding a NY subway, the Purple 7 line, from Queens to Manhattan. Just as you descend under the East River, this rooftop and surrounding buildings is visible out the window. I like how the train door window frames it, too.

The frame also sort of reinforces what I like about grafiti. In my opinion, although grafitti is illegal, and is some cases, very destructive, I think it is a real form of art. These people pour their emotion into the art they display on these buildings. And I imagine many of the citizens who are doing this have quite interesting stories, too. Just like the "You Are Beautiful" graffiti in Birmingham... not all graffiti is bad. Illegal or not.

I just returned from our annual Gulf Shores, AL beach trip. Believe it or not, my camera never left its case the whole time. Sometimes, I just dont have that push to get up and shoot. I should have many good shots from our next trip to Grayton Beach, FL as I did last time. (See January posts.) Tomorrow I am leaving to go on my church's Alabama Rural Missions (ARM) trip. We are traveling to Livingston, AL (no, not my last name, the town...) and will be assisting needy residents in construction/renovation/home repairs.

I apologize if my blog bores you all. Its kind of just a mush of photography/travel/my-thoughts-on-everything/my life that no one cares about. Ha ha- I am going to try and steer back in the direction of photography and not just blogging.

So thank you to all of you who have put up with my long, drawn-out rants about the various issues of the world. Have a wonderful week. :-)



  1. While I agree that graffiti can be quite artistic, I also know that it is quite destructive to the property and can greatly diminish the value of the property. There's a reason it's illegal!!!

    That said...your shot is fabulous!!! You framed it very well...and I'm amazed at the quantity and similarity of the graffiti!

  2. I agree with you on most counts, but "There is a place for everything and everything has a place" and graffiti does not belong on public property.

    The graffiti in your picture is artistic and there is some good talent out there. If the graffiti artist would use the time they spend painting and the money they spend on paint (or time stealing paint) on constructing their lives vs. destroying the neighborhood it would be amazing what they could accomplish. One may assume that most of the graffiti in the world is drug and gang related.

    I work at a faith based drug & alcohol rehabilitation center and it amazes how much talent and smarts the people in the program have...a lot of artist.

    Keep it coming Rip.

  3. Hi great pics. wondering if this is Five Points.


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