Monday, June 13, 2011

The Lady at Her Finest

I have returned home from the trip to NYC I took with my church's (Trinity United Methodist) youth choir. We did all sorts of cool stuff--sang at missions, local churches, and toured the city. The first few days were wonderful. 75 degree weather, sun--it was awesome. Then it joined the ranks of Alabama, hitting 90+ degree temps.

I have to be honest, I was really worried about how it would work out with 90 teenagers. But luckily, no one got lost/hurt/..... anything else.  I took this while walking the perimeter of the Statue of Liberty, with the summer sun in the background.

The common disease of summer boredom is encroaching upon May we're all like "Yea! We can sit at home and do nothing all day!" And now we are sitting on the couch passing time by drawing faces on our lesser-liked teachers in the yearbook. I try to avoid that by filling my summer with activities and things... church youth functions, mission trips, beach trips, that sort of thing. We are heading to Gulf Shores, AL this weekend for our annual "Mom's-side-of-the-family-beach-trip". My grandfather rents a big house and we all stay for a week.

Well, I hope all of your summers are going well. You know it literally just dawned on me that adults with most jobs have to work over the summer. Alas, it is something to do.



  1. Rip, I don't remember trees at the Statue of Liberty. Of course the tree in your picture wasn't even a seed yet when I was there on my class trip. I'm so glad you had fun. Watch out for the sharks and take some good pictures while at the beach.

  2. Rip, I know you well enough to know that you are never bored for long. This summer you can go out and take photos when you're finished drawing mustaches on your teachers' faces! :)
    Bonnes vacances!
    Mrs. J

  3. And don't drive your momma crazy either!

  4. Summer boredom is one of the best things about summer!!! You've actually got enough time on your hands to get bored!!! Pick up your camera and get out there!!! And when you're tired of that...go get a book and find a nice warm spot in the shade and read to your heart's content!!! Oh! But that's after the bicycle rides in the parks, the baseball games on the neighbor's lawn, maybe a little hiking in a nearby hillside (you do have hills in B'ham don't you???) And don't forget to get a snow cone or lemon juice bar from the ice cream truck!!!

  5. Oh, Rip, that is beautiful! I got to see her last summer, and you certainly caught her on a beautiful day!


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