Thursday, February 17, 2011

Toomer's Tradgedy

Today, although I don't have a photo for you all, I wanted to share with you the news of the poisoning of the 130 year old oak trees that have been part of tradition at Auburn University for years. Some redneck, too-much-free-time man drove up and dumped a ridiculous amount of toxic poison into the soil. The man called into Paul finebaum radio show and reported his doings. Finebaum did well and reported the alleged action to Auburn, who proceeded to run a soil test and find that the soil around the trees was 65% poison. The trees have little chance of survival. The man was arrested today, and hopefully will serve a long, hard term in some facility. I know this is a well known event, it just makes me so angry that I felt I should share my feelings. Check out this link for the radio recording and a mug shot:

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  1. It makes me mad too Rip. It will just make the Auburn family stronger, just like the Grinch!


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