Friday, January 7, 2011

From 1700's to 2010....

May of 2010 my father and I went up on a spontaneous trip to Boston, after he received an invitation to a John Hancock business conference. The only problem was that it was just too short! Anyhow, I think Boston has one of the most unique personalities out of most major cities around the country. One of my favorite things about Boston, which I've shown in the second photo from the top, is how in one picture that you can capture a church that's over 150 years old, right in front of the shiny new John Hancock skyscraper.
I'm not sure why there was a sign for a fallout shelter.... I suppose it was just left from the Cold War and never got removed. My question is is there still a fallout shelter...? Well, if we ever once again enter a nuclear stare-down with Russia, I'll know where to go. =)

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