Thursday, December 30, 2010

Stopping For Lunch After A Good Hunt

Yesterday, while en-route to Grayton Beach, we made a pitstop in Prattville, AL for lunch. On the way out of the place, I think some of my food started to make it's way back up my throat as the head of a nice dead hog, or boar, or some sort of wild pig, greeted me unexpectedly. Only in Alabama.

-Rip =)


  1. Yeeee haw! Maybe I'll lay off the Bar B Q for a while.
    Mrs. J

  2. Not true Rip.....people hunt boar and pig all over....not fun to see like that, though!

  3. You occasionally see such a scene here in rural Provence - there are lots of wild boars in the hills and hunters just love their day out.

    An extraordinary accident happened last weekend a bit further north in Burgundy: as a car was driving on the motorway, one of the passengers on the back seat was killed by a bullet. It is believed to have been shot by a boar pig hunter in the forest next to the motorway. What an unlikely and unfortunate shot...

    Arrived here from Virginia's blog. Congratulations on the photo you posted there, it's beautiful!


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