Friday, December 31, 2010

Obedience in Grayton Beach....

Why did God invent sand spurs?

We're clearly good rule followers.....
While the beach police weren't looking, I snuck up onto the restricted area and snapped some photos. I spent about 15 minutes picking those dern sandspurs off of my entire body when I got inside. My friend decided he just had to so dangerously make the ascent to the top of the sand dune and pose for a photo. That's right before we saw the patrol jeep coming down the beach, and retreated to the house.....

I hope everyone has a wonderful New Year!
Oh and sorry for the sideways photo... I'm a rookie, and couldnt figure out how to rotate the thing to save my life.

-Rip =)


  1. Very nice shots!

    I imagine god invented sandspurs to keep rule-breakers off the dunes...

  2. Thanks! And probably so.... Theres just something about climbing up a mountain of sand....... ;)


  3. Rip,
    Crime doesn't pay. That's why there are sandspurs! :)
    I thought you put the wonky photo that way on purpose. You've got to learn to bluff if you're gonna make it in photography.

  4. Mrs J reckoned I should lope by. Worth it just for the 2nd image from the top. Good stuff

  5. Thanks! I really like that one as well.

  6. I love that one too....I learned about your from Mrs J's blog, too...
    I love the one she posted..."Sandy Paws".
    I'm now a follower...thank you for the great pix!


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